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Pucker.app is an innovative social network that combines the best aspects of popular platforms for content creation and sharing. Pucker.app offers unique opportunities for users, categorizing them into two main groups: fans and creators. With this platform, creators can bring their creativity to life, while fans can enjoy their content and show their support.

Posts and Streams: Creators can share their creative content through posts and host real-time streams to engage with their chosen audience. This is the perfect way for creators to interact with their fans.


•   Video and Audio: Creators can upload videos and attach audio files to their posts, providing them with more options for creativity and self-expression.


•   Polls and Stories: Creators can create interactive polls and use the Stories feature for dynamic content presentation.


•   Vault Storage: Users can upload and store their content directly on the platform in the Vault, creating various folders for organization and easy access to their files.


•   Messaging and Content Sharing: Users can easily communicate with each other, send mass messages, and share content, fostering closer relationships and spreading their ideas.


•   Convenient Search: The platform provides a convenient content search function, enabling users to easily find posts, creators, and other content of interest.


•   Customizable Notifications: Users can customize their notifications according to their preferences to stay informed about new posts, subscriber activity, and other important events.


Pucker.app is a unique social network that supports both creators and their fans, providing innovative tools and opportunities for creativity and interaction within one user-friendly platform.

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